Gay Vampire Comedy
At the beginning of Vamperifica we find out that Raven, the king of all vampires, has been reborn into the body of a struggling college kid and aspiring actor named Carmen (Yurkovic), who is frustrated with always being picked on by everyone around him. One day he notices that he’s being followed by two mysterious strangers by the names of Emily (Swencionis) and Campbell (James), who are vampires that have been searching for Raven’s soul for over 200 years.

Emily and Campbell plan to transform Carmen into the vampire heir they believe him to be, but things don’t go smoothly as Carmen’s BFF Tracy (Walker) and close friend Peter (Ward) throw their plan off track when they find out about Carmen’s destiny and fight back against the vamps in order to hold on to their friend (and his soul) for as long as they can.


Bruce Orenstein